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About me

It is so nice to meet you! If you are reading this blog, thank you for visiting my page! It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you and how I am living one of the dreams of my life, photography! There is something so special about capturing a moment forever, this is what I am passionate about. I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. My parents are the most amazing influence I could have into my passion. My father was a Finance Manager for ITT Financial all his life and my mother was a hair dresser who ran a wonderful business from home for half of her life and later became a beauty consultant for Walgreens. She passed away at the early age of 47 yrs old. I was only 20 years old when she went to be with the Lord and all that I have from her are the memories of my childhood and the million photos my father took of her and the rest of the family.

Dad was an amazing photographer!

Dad was an amazing photographer! His first wedding photography job was for a friend that knew how skilled he was. After he finished shooting the wedding ceremony, he realized that he had not put the film in the camera correctly! Can you imagine? He didn’t have one image to give to the Bride but this Bride was so forgiving that this became a joke to them for the rest of their lives. When she found out that I have followed my father footsteps of wedding photography she had to personally share that story with me.

To make a long story short, there has always been a camera around me! I love how we can look back and be part of a story through an image. You can almost smell the cool breeze from the island by looking at my grandfather’s images. It feels so great to be a story teller!

It took many years to figure out that photography was in my blood and that is where I want to take you. That moment when I realized that capturing moments in life is what I was meant to do, what a great moment that was!

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Our pride and joy!

I met my sweet husband through music. We played at the state band created after the Panamerican Games in Puerto Rico. He still plays trumpet while I attempted to play the flute at the time. He is the love of my life, my best friend, a partner in crime and my all! We got married in 1985 (you do the math and quickly found ourselves holding our firstborn. And two more times after that we were holding a newborn in our arms. How lucky am I! Angel G., Sara I. and Carlos G., just the beginning of my treasure chest. All three of them have been part of our family business. Angel G. is an amazing web developer and the creator of this site. He is also a flight attendant for AA. I can’t be more proud of him, he is amazing! Sara is our pride and joy. She is a second-grade teacher and is married to a wonderful man and video editor. Marcos and Sara are just so beautiful together. They have gifted us with our first grandson, Michael. Oh my gosh, how can I tell you about Michael? Well, I will just show you a photo of him :-).

Our sweet grandson has been the joy of our life! and I just can’t wait to be there for him every step of the way.

Then we had Carlos. Carlos is our old man. He is by our side as a solid rock. You can trust Carlos with anything and everything. He has grown to be an amazing photographer. My big thinker and old soul. I enjoy working with him by my side so much and listening to all his stories. Love you Carlos!

January, 1992, with three kids in our arms (Carlos was a month old) we packed our bags and moved from Puerto Rico to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Big step for two young people but that was the best decision ever made. Oklahoma became our home and how much we loved our time there. Lifelong friends were met in Oklahoma and that is where we filmed our first wedding. Video became a way for Angel and I to tell the story. Everyone loved seeing their wedding videos in a new format, a more creative way to re-live your special day. Fun fun fun!

In 2001 we moved to Tucson, AZ and loved it! E-Motions Video was created and we started the amazing journey of documenting wedding stories. Every single wedding has been so special to Angel, the kids and I. If you have a few minutes to spare, just let me know and I will gladly share with you the love stories I have seen for which I also cried during editing time.

Our daughter started studying photography at Pima Community College and she was the one pressing the shutter and I was the one telling her what to shoot. That did not work well with her :). It reached the point where she would say, “can you please grab a camera?” OMG! I found it! I found the thing that made me express myself in a way that I have never done before. Looking through the camera makes me feel like magic is happening right in front of my eyes. The love, the smiles, the giggles, the looks, the tears, these are the things that I want to capture forever! And I can! Through photography we can stop a moment and enjoy it forever. I have been honored to be a part in a small way to so many beautiful stories and those stories have shaped me into who I am. I am a little bit of each one of your stories because they shaped and changed me to be a better person by loving each moment with you!